About Anne; the basic facts

Born: circa 1503(?).AB portrait

Parents: Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn.

Family: Howard, through her mother. Elizabeth Boleyn’s father was Tho
mas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk and her brother was Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk.

Siblings: George and Mary.

Education: Brought up in the courts of Margaret of Austria and Queen Claude of France. Fluent in French, accomplished at music, dance, poetry, rhetoric, needlework and other assorted skills suited to courtly ladies.

Appearance: Dark hair and dark eyes. Olive toned complexion. These were not the standards for conventional beauty in the sixteenth century, where it was fashionable to be blonde, with a rosy complexion, and light eyes.

Marriage: to King Henry VIII: 1533-1536. Their relationship started many years earlier, though the exact dates are unclear. By 1529, Henry’s quest for a divorce was well known, and it was clear he was courting Anne.

Children: Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth I, born 7th September 1533.
One acknowledged miscarriage of a boy.

Religious convictions: Reformist. An advocate for the Church of England and the break from Rome.

Died: Executed on 19th May 1536. Beheaded by the swordsman of Calais. Condemned to death on the charges of adultery with six men, including incest with her brother, and plotting to kill the king in order to marry one of her lovers. Anne denied all charges.